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Millionaire Cleans Streets to Set Example for Her Children – chinaSMACK

Millionaire Cleans Streets to Set Example for Her Children – chinaSMACK: Millionaire Woman Works as Sanitation Worker for 14 Years, Just to Set an Example for Her Children

In the 1980s, Yu Youzhen was merely an ordinary vegetable farmer in Wuhan City Hongshan District Donghu Village Huojiawa who, after years of building and additions, came to possess three 5-storey private buildings, most of which were rented out.

In 2008, Yu Youzhen chanced upon [government policies for] the requisition, demolition, and redevelopment of land [mostly takes place in rural areas, where when a peasant’s land is expropriated by the government and the peasant is compensated for it with new houses or apartments in other locations] and was successively given 21 apartments [for her previous property].

Yu Youzhen personally witnessed some of her fellow villagers not engaging themselves in decent activities after being compensated with multiple apartments, falling into gambling, and even drug use.

上世纪80年代,余友珍仅仅是武汉市洪山区东湖村霍家湾的一位普通的菜农,经过多年的改建拥有了3栋5层楼的私房,大多用于出租。2008年开始赶上征地 拆迁还建,余友珍先后分得21套房子。余友珍耳闻目睹村里有人拿到多套还建房后,不做正经事,沉湎于打牌赌博,甚至吸毒。为了给孩子做个好榜样,从 1998年起,失地后的余友珍到武昌区城管局当环卫工,月薪1420元,一周仅休息一天,凌晨3点半就要到岗。

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