Saturday, 6 September 2014

Chinese Girl Engulfed in Flames at Yiwu Barbeque Restaurant - 义乌一女大学生吃自助烧烤 全身被烧焦2014

Living in Yiwu Heyetang, Young Qian
is 20 years old this year, and was to start her second year in college
with the start of the new school year. Young Qian met her school friend
Young Qing from Yiwu Suxi, the two of them preparing to return to
Wenzhou together for school.
Yesterday noon, Young Qian and
Young Qing met in Suxi where the two of them decided to go eat barbeque
before taking the bus to go back to school.
The two decided on a self-service
barbeque restaurant in Suxi. After the two of them got the food they
liked and returned to their table, Young Qing felt the fire for the
barbeque wasn’t strong enough, and so called the waitress to make it
Young Qing watched the waitress
bring over a bottle of liquid alcohol, and then pour it into the
barbeque grill that still had a flicker of flame left. Young Qing says
he thought it was odd but did not manage to stop her in time, with the
flame instantly leaping up.
At this moment, the bottle of
alcohol in the waitress’s hands also caught on fire. Because of
panicking, she immediately throw the bottle, and that happened to [spill
alcohol] on Young Qian.
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